Thank You!

I have seen all the encouraging comments people said on Facebook. I just wanted to thank you all. I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog. I hope to inspire everyone who reads and views my blog. Again thank you for all the encouraging words you’ve said. 🙂

What is a true friend?

What is a true friend? Many have asked this question before. Most would have an answer like, “Someone I can trust with anything.” No not quite. “Someone that is there with me through anythings!” That’s great, but no. “Someone who will listen to hours and hours of complaining, and they will advise me on life.” Close, but not close enough. Maybe even, “Someone that is with me till the end.” Still no!! Frankie! Just tell us the answer!! All those things are great for things for a friend. Although there is one true, biblical answer. A true friend is one who who helps and guides you through the problems of your heart. Someone who is always there for you in the highs and lows. A person who picks you back up from rock bottom. The best thing about rock bottom is there’s only one way up.


Adoption Day!

4 days ago I, Soo bin Kim, was brought to America as a little 8 month old baby. I am so glad to be a part of my adoptive family. My little baby brother(sorry I can’t say his name), my little brother, Harris, my little sister, Katie, my mom, Kari, and my dad, Scott. Being adopted has it’s ups and downs. For me I am the only one who doesn’t look like my parents. BOTH OF MY OTHER SIBLINGS ARE ALSO ADOPTED!! Although being adopted, people get to tell their story, like me! 🙂 Then there’s not knowing your parents. Then that gives you the curiosity to learn about your past. Being adopted is a beautiful thing. in my grade there is at least 6 people, including me, that are adopted. Being adopted is the best! You get to tell people your life story! That doesn’t mean you can’t still miss your family. I miss them all the time. Being adopted doesn’t mean you can’t feel different. I LOVE that feeling when people notice that I am adopted. Being adopted doesn’t mean people won’t notice you. I once got asked if I was adopted. “Yeah I’m not adopted. I just don’t look like my parents.” What I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to feel all of these things. Just remember being adopted isn’t all bad. 🙂

Ask Me Questions!!

I have been telling my life story. If you have ANY questions about my adoption life just ask. One thing though, PLEASE be respectful of me and other readers. I can’t wait to see the questions you, the readers, will ask me. Although I do have some questions for you. What’s your adoption or foster story? Do you have any past memories of life before adoption or fostered life? If so what was it like? Do you have any unadopted siblings?

Adopted by God

Everyone knows the meaning behind “adopted by man”. Though many may not understand the meaning behind “adopted by God”. Being adopted by God means to become apart of The Family of God. Becoming apart of God’s Family is easy. Usually people use the ABC’s. A for admit you’re a sinner to God. B for believe in Christ Jesus. C for confess your sins to God. After that you pray to the Holy Spirit to come and permanently live in your heart. Yeah it’s that easy. Although the only catch is that this is not a one time thing. You have to exercise your faith daily, so you can grow closer to God. A key thing to remember is the gospel. What is the gospel? The gospel is the good news of Jesus’ payment for our sins through his birth, death ,and resurrection. So the things you have to do to become apart of The Family of God are;


-Pray to the Holy Spirit to permanently live in your heart

-exercise your faith daily

-Remember the gospel

In the Beginning…

What’s my adoption story? I was brought to America August 18, 2005. I still live in America. I have lived in America for most of my life. I lived in Korea for 8 months before coming to America.




Seoul, South Korea

Honestly I don’t know my biological parents. It is kinda hard not knowing your parents. I am 100% South Korean. South Korea is Asia’s New York. Well the city of Seoul is. Seoul is absolutely AMAZING! The city lights are beautiful. The country is also so beautiful. The traditional houses, hanok, are beautifully designed. Korea is divided into two countries, North and South Korea. South Korea is the best out of the two. My question for everyone out there is “Where are you from and what’s your story?”