Adoption Day!

4 days ago I, Soo bin Kim, was brought to America as a little 8 month old baby. I am so glad to be a part of my adoptive family. My little baby brother(sorry I can’t say his name), my little brother, Harris, my little sister, Katie, my mom, Kari, and my dad, Scott. Being adopted has it’s ups and downs. For me I am the only one who doesn’t look like my parents. BOTH OF MY OTHER SIBLINGS ARE ALSO ADOPTED!! Although being adopted, people get to tell their story, like me! 🙂 Then there’s not knowing your parents. Then that gives you the curiosity to learn about your past. Being adopted is a beautiful thing. in my grade there is at least 6 people, including me, that are adopted. Being adopted is the best! You get to tell people your life story! That doesn’t mean you can’t still miss your family. I miss them all the time. Being adopted doesn’t mean you can’t feel different. I LOVE that feeling when people notice that I am adopted. Being adopted doesn’t mean people won’t notice you. I once got asked if I was adopted. “Yeah I’m not adopted. I just don’t look like my parents.” What I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to feel all of these things. Just remember being adopted isn’t all bad. 🙂


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